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Common Lawn Weed: Carpetweed

Carpetweed, what is it, and how do you control it? Well, first, let’s identify this pesky weed. As its name implies, Carpetweed is a weed that spreads outward rather than upward and creates a blanket (or carpet) of coverage in your lawn. This plant has long, flat leaves that connect to a single taproot by a pink node at the stem bases.

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Carpetweed is a summer annual weed, meaning it begins to germinate in late spring and is a
full-blown nuisance by summer. Now, in Northwest Florida, we have warm sandy soil which
happens to be a type of soil that Carpetweed thrives in. Carpetweed also likes freshly tilled soil like gardens and new lawns. Given that we have favorable conditions for this weed, you may see it in your lawn especially if you just laid a full new lawn.

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Carpetweed is just another example of a summer annual that we can treat. The best course of action for a summer annual is to have a professional, like Easy Peasy, spot-treat the current weeds and participate in a preemergent weed program in the winter.

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