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Common Lawn Weed: Chamberbitter

Chamberbitter is a common weed found in lawns around Florida. They thrive in the warm, humid weather inherent to our beautiful state. Do you have Chamberbitter in your turf?

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You can easily identify Chamberbitter in your lawn by its rounded leaves and the small flowers that spread across the stem. Chamberbitter can grow to between 12 inches and 2 feet depending on which species you have in your lawn. When a Chamberbitter's fruit matures, it will explode and scatter seeds around the yard. This explosive spread makes this weed a quick spreader.

Chamberbitter can be very difficult to control on your own. A well-maintained lawn and less irrigation may help. However, to have the best chance at combating these invasive weeds, you should call in the professionals. Luckily, at Easy Peasy Home Services, we have a program to help with Chamberbitter!
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