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Insect Spotlight: Fire Ants

Living in the south east along the gulf coast means we get to enjoy a lot of sunshine, warm summer days, and refreshing sea breezes, but it also means we have to deal with Fire Ants.

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Fire ants are small, red or black ants that sting when provoked. The sting from these little pests can be painful and itchy. Fire Ants are not native to North America. These insects were brought from South America by Spanish explorers.

How do you know if you have Fire Ants in your lawn? Fire Ants build mounds for their colonies to live in. You may have noticed little mounds of loose dirt with a hole in the center; these are most likely Fire Ants. You will also know if you’ve been stung a few times 😉

As soon as you realize you have Fire Ants, you will want to have them treated. These pesky pests will quickly infest your lawn and cause health issues for some individuals. At Easy Peasy Home Services, we have a program specifically aimed at Fire Ants. So, if you need someone to eradicate Fire Ants, we have a program just for you!

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