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Insect Spotlight: Green Stink Bug

We’ve all seen Stink Bugs in and around our homes, but what threat do they pose if any to our lawns?

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The Green Stink Bug is a common bug in lawns around Florida. Adults are green with a yellow/orange coloring around the edges of its back. The back piece of the Green Stink Bug is shaped like a shield. Green Stink Bugs lay clusters of green eggs under the leaves of plants in the spring.

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Adult Stink Bugs, and nymphs, have mouthpieces that allow them to pierce plants and suck the juices from inside. This method is how the Green Stink Bug sustains itself. Which plants are susceptible? Fruit bearing plants are the biggest targets of these little pests. Green Stink Bugs pose no risk to your lawn, but they do pose a risk to your fruit trees and bushes. When dealing with pests around produce it can be a little tricky. You want to use a method to remove the pests that is safe if you plan on consuming the produce. Speaking with a professional is the best way to assure you use the correct product to help out your beloved fruit trees.

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