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Insect Spotlight: Mole Cricket

Mole Crickets are a common lawn pest found all over the southeastern United States. In Florida, we have three species considered to be pests: Tawny, Southern, and Short-winged Mole Crickets. Mole Crickets get their name because they primarily live underground and move through tunnels, like moles do.

The damage that Mole Crickets cause to lawns starts from the ground and spreads from there. Mole Crickets will eat and chew on the roots of turfs. This activity will kill the grass and leave ugly dead patches in your lawn that are ready to be filled by invading weeds.

Mole Crickets are most active during the Spring and Fall months. These are the times of year when there are more adults present. The best way to control these pests is to contact a professional. Depending on the severity of damage, you may want to consider a lawn care program or even sod. Speaking with a licensed professional about your pest control and lawn care options is the best course of action. Here at Easy Peasy Home Services, we have seen many lawns infected by Mole Crickets and know just what will help you out!


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