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Insect Spotlight: Sod Webworms

We are entering into the end of summer and beginning of fall here in Northwest Florida. So, what does this mean for lawn insects? Which ones do we still need to keep an eye out for?

Sod Webworm Larvae

Sod Webworm Moth

One insect you may be familiar with that is active this time of year is Sod Webworms. Sod Webworms are active from spring to the fall. The most damage to lawns happens mid to late summer because the additional heat and drought exacerbate the damage to the already injured turf.

What does Sod Webworm damage look like? Well, the best way to know you have a Sod Webworm problem is to have an expert look at your lawn. However, there are some signs you can watch for pointing toward possible Sod Webworm activity. The first sign of damage is jagged brown spots on the turf. These irregular brown spots are from the Sod Webworms feeding on the grass. If left untreated, these spots in the lawn will grow in size and, especially in mid to late summer, can cause irreparable damage or kill the turf.

If you suspect Sod Webworms may be damaging your lawn, you should call an expert with plenty of experience with lawn insects, like we have here at Easy Peasy. The expert will be able to create a plan of action that will be most effective in helping rid your lawn of pests and promote healthy growth of the damaged turf.

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