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Lawn Disease: Brown Patch

Looking out at your lawn, you admire how healthy and green it’s becoming. Wow, those lawn treatments are really doing great things for the turf! But what is that? A large brown spot starting to grow in your backyard?
Large area of Brown Patch in a lawn

Have you been in this situation where you noticed a big brown patch in your grass? Maybe it looks like the picture above? Well this is a fungal disease known as Brown Patch or Large Patch. Brown patch is a fungal disease that affects southern turfs. It presents as tan and yellow patches or circles in the lawn ranging from a few inches to a few feet. A hot and humid environment (much like where we live) favors the growth of Brown Patch in lawns.

So, how do you get rid of it? The best way to treat a fungus is with a fungicide. Fungicides attack the fungus, kill it, and does not harm the existing turf. When it comes to lawn fungi, it is best to have an ongoing preventative fungicide treatment to deter future fungal growth. Fungicides ‘cure’ a current fungus in the lawn, but we recommend a preventative for your yard. For best results, contact a professional like us at Easy Peasy to create a plan of action to best treat and prevent the fungi in your lawn!

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