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The Insect Spotlight

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Insect Spotlight- army worm

This week's Insect Spotlight is the Army Worm. Army Worm's are active in lawns from mid-March to October. They cause damage to the lawn by feeding on the crowns and leaves of the grass and can even detach the plant at the soil surface. Army Worm larvae are nocturnal in that they feed at night and hide in the thatch layer or burrow into the soil during the day. Army Worms prefer damp areas in the lawn. Damage from the Army Worm shows in the lawn as depressed spots or circular patches of seed grass. 

If you notice any damage and suspect there may be insects or disease in your lawn, call us for a free estimate! We will be glad to assist you in getting your lawn back to being healthy and green.

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