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Lawn Dormancy: What is it?

What does your lawn look like right now? Is it part green and part brown? Does it look dull compared to what it looked like a couple of months ago? Well, we know why!

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Northwest Florida is entering into our fall and winter seasons, and with these two seasons come cooler weather and less sun. When it gets cool out, your lawn begins to go dormant. So, what is dormancy, and what does that mean for your lawn? Dormancy is a natural defense phase that your turf enters into during a time of stress. During the colder months, those colder temperatures are the “stress” causing your turf to protect itself and go into dormancy. Dormancy conserves water and nutrients to prolong the life of the grass until the warmer months come back.

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So, if your grass looks pale, brown, or even golden, it may be going dormant. Seeing this change in your lawn is a good thing and a sign of the lawn being healthy and weed-free. Most weeds will not go dormant like grasses do, meaning if you see deep green in your lawn, it is most likely a weed. If you are unsure whether your lawn is dormant or dead, it is best to ask your lawn professional to take a look. Here at Easy Peasy, we know how to determine your lawn’s health. We can also help educate our customers about dormancy and winter care for your lawn.

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