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Lawn Pests: Moles

Have you noticed mounds in your lawn that look like winding paths crisscrossing across the grass? If so, you may have Moles.
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What damage can a mole do to your lawn? The first obvious damage is the visual damage of the mounds creating a bumpy ununiform look to your lawn. These mounds can also cause the sod that is raised by them to dry out and die. If moles find their way into a garden or flower bed, their tunnels can also dislodge bulbs and expose them to the air, drying them out and rendering them useless.
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Now that we know how moles create issues for your lawn, how do we get rid of them? This question is not easy to answer. We here at Easy Peasy do not take care of moles. Moles are very difficult to eradicate from a lawn and it is nearly impossible to keep them from returning. There are many products on the market for homeowners to attempt to get rid of moles. Poisons are the most common method of eradication. As always when using poisons in pest control, make sure you follow all directions and safety precautions that are on the packaging, wash hands after handling, do not consume yourself, and keep out of reach of pets and children. Poisons and other methods are not a guaranteed method to run your moles off, a lot of the time this will drive them deeper into the soil until they feel safe to come back up to the surface.

Even though we do not treat for moles, if you are not sure if you are experiencing a mole issue or not, give us a call and schedule an expert to come out and check to see what exactly is going on.


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